Saturday, August 22, 2015

Goodbye, Everyone

This is going to be a hard post to write. I don't know where to begin. I'm leaving my blog. I just don't have a big interest in dolls anymore. Of course I will always love and cherish them, but I just don't feel like playing with them or dressing them up anymore.

To be honest, I never thought it would come to this. I thought I would blog until I had to go off to college. But I'm entering my freshman year of high school instead. I've changed and my schedule doesn't allow for doll blogging anymore. 

I'm so sorry to leave, but it needs to be done. I give a big thank you to all of my followers and all the people who inspired me to start my blogging. This has been an incredible year and three months.

I'll leave my blog up, and who knows, maybe I'll come back someday. Maybe someday I'll have daughters of my own who love American Girl Dolls as much as I do.

Goodbye, everyone. Thank you so much for a truly fantastic time.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Grateful Blogger Tag (Second Time!)

Maria from The American Girl Attic Girls nominated me for the Grateful Blogger Tag! This is the second time I've received this award. Thank you, Maria!
Here are the rules:
1. Nominate 3-7 Bloggers (your favorites or somebody new)
2. Answer the questions given or follow specific instructions
3. Make sure you post a comment on their blogs letting them know they were nominated
4. Copy the award image into your post
5. Put the award on your sidebar or page

Maria's questions for me:
1. What is your favorite type of music?
I like country music.
2. Do you like storms?
Kind of. I like thunderstorms, but not tornadoes!
3. How many pets do you have?
I have 3 horses, 3 rabbits, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 11 chickens. So that's a total of 19.
4. Provolone or swiss cheese?
Neither. I don't like a lot of cheese. My favorite is Mozzarella. 
5. Horses or llamas?
Llamas all the way!
6. If you could have another doll, which one would you choose?
I would pick Josefina.
7. Guitar or piano?
8. Do you enjoy being outside?
Yes. I love to read outside and play outside, too.
9. What's your favorite sport?
Well, my favorite sport to play is basketball. But my favorite sport to watch is football.
10. Have you ever been to another country besides your own?
No, but planning on it sometime.

Thanks Maria for the GREAT questions!

I nominate:
Polka Dot Bee 123
Gumnut Street Dolls
AG Unique

Not to be lazy, but I ask you the same questions Maria asked me. I am kind of busy right now to make some up.

Thanks for reading!