Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Memories From Camp

Camp Doll Diaries ended in August for the dolls. Courtney, McKenna, Addy, and Saige all had a great time! Here are some memory photos that were taken while they were at camp.
Courtney sets up the tent.
 The dolls and their paper suns that they made.
Saige, Addy, McKenna, and Courtney enjoy a picnic supper outside their tent.
Saige catching insects with her net.
Here is Addy guarding her team's flag in a game of Capture The Flag.
McKenna and her new cookbook that she got from camp.

The dolls had a great time at camp this year! Did your dolls go to summer camp? What was their favorite activity?


  1. My girls loved camp. Their favorite thing was spending time outdoors catching butterflies and lady bugs,

  2. Those are such cute photos!!! Looks like your dolls had fun! ;)