Thursday, January 1, 2015

GOTY 2015: My Thoughts

Happy New Year, everyone! One of my favorite things about the new year is the Girl of the Year. Here are my thoughts on the new GOTY, Grace Thomas. I will provide links to the American girl website for each of the items.
 Let's start with the doll. I really like her, I think her meet outfit is really cute. I would buy her, but her price is an expensive $120.
 Here is a close up of the charm bracelet she comes with. I think it's a perfect addition to the meet outfit.
 I saw on the website an option to get her ears pierced for an additional $16, which comes with these earrings. I don't think you can get these unless you have the Grace doll. :(
(Sorry for the tiny picture)
Here are her paris accessories. They are $32 and super cute! I really like the purse!
 Her welcome gifts are $32 as well. I'm not to crazy about this set, but I like the pink beret.
It looks great on Grace!
This is Grace's dog, Bonbon, a French Bulldog. Bonbon is $22. I think she's cute and really looks like she belongs in Paris. I really like the bow.
I'm not a huge fan of Grace's pajamas. They are $24.
Here is a closeup of the pajama pants.
 I absolutely LOVE Grace's travel coat! It is $28, a price that is a little too high for me to splurge on. I would definitely pay the full price if the coat came with something else.
Next up is Grace's baking outfit. It's cute, but not my favorite. It is $34.
This is by far my most favorite outfit of Grace's! This is the city outfit, which costs $34. The price is a little too steep for me to splurge on.
This is Grace's opening night outfit. What I love about this outfit (and the city outfit above) is that It doesn't scream "baking" or "paris". It is a nice general outfit that works for lots of different occasions. It is $38, a rather expensive price for me.

Grace's Travel set is a nice addition to her collection. It features a good amount of accessories for a price of $44.
I love the pattern on the inside!
This is Grace's Bistro set. I think it's a nice set, but I wish it came with two chairs. It is $85.
Grace's Pastry Cart is cool, but I wouldn't spend my money here. It costs $150. However, I do like the detail put on the foods and the pretty cart.
This is Grace's Baking set. I like this a lot and it would be a nice addition to any doll kitchen. The cost is $68
Grace's French Bakery is $500! No way am I ever going to afford that! I like that it comes with a lot, but I would never pay that much for it.

Over all, I really like Grace. What are your thoughts? What are you planning to get?


  1. The one thing I will be getting for sure is the set with the mixer in it, way too cute. I agree that $500 is a bit extreme for my pockets, I can think of so many things I'd rather spend that on. I've been thinking on how I could build one out of foam core though that I could disassemble for easy storage.

  2. I agree with you on a lot of your opinions. I did a post about it too.

    ~ Mint

  3. I have Grace. I love her! I agree about the coat and the bakery.

    1. Good for you! I'm glad you were able to get her! :)

  4. I am hoping to get her, and some of her outfits like her: City outfit, opening night outfit, and PJ's. Maybe her coat, not sure. But I don't even think I will get all of that! It's so expensive!

    1. I know, right? I just can't believe the prices AG is asking for all this stuff!

  5. Interesting thoughts! I agree about the prices.. way too high!